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  • EMDR for Kids

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    EMDR for Kids|Visions2Action|Mechanicsville, VA

    Yes, that’s right! EMDR can also be used with children and adolescents! Eye movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR for short – thank goodness) is a therapy that helps with recovering from trauma and attachment wounds. It uses the brain’s natural ability to heal and expand to reduce negative feelings around trauma experiences and reduce and change unhealthy beliefs about oneself as a result of life experiences. 

    EMDR for kids is playful, engaging, and effective! Believe it or not, kids actually “process” through life experiences in EMDR quicker than adults in most cases. This is because the neural pathways that have formed a negative emotion, sensation, thought or behavior are not as “big” and haven’t “lived as long” as those in adults. 

    If you are parenting a child with trauma experiences such as abuse, neglect, car accident, death of a loved one, etc. or a child in foster care or who is adopted, EMDR may be helpful for him/her. 

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