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    Complex PTSD

    What is complex PTSD anyway?

    Oftentimes people experience more than one traumatic event and sometimes that is paired with attachment wounds experienced in childhood relationships with the caregiver. These can lead to a complex presentation of symptoms that we now call complex ptsd. Fortunately, we are learning much more about trauma and trauma recovery these days including the science behind how the body, brain, and nervous system is impacted by traumatic experiences. As a field, we are learning how to involve the nervous system and somatic experience into trauma recovery which offers a more robust healing opportunity than traditional talk therapy.

    Do I have complex PTSD?

    If you have experienced multiple traumas or were chronically neglected or abused as a child, it may be that traditional talk therapies have not helped you meet the goals that you have. Our nervous system is designed to protect us, which is great! However, it has a hard time knowing when to stop doing so and becomes easily triggered as it generalizes experiences more broadly overtime.

    For example, when you were a child, it may have been very adaptive to “people-please” your parent to avoid the abuse that would ensue otherwise. However, now that you’re an adult, people-pleasing is really exhausting you and causing issues in your relationship.

    Other issues that may have followed you into adulthood include the inability to trust and form a healthy relationship, being easily angered and on edge even when you can clearly tell there is no threat, or clinging to an unhealthy relationship for far too long.

    Is there hope?

    ABSOLUTELY! With the combination of EMDR and Ego State therapies, among others, YOU CAN HEAL. Contact us today to get started! As you share your story at your own pace, we will help you identify areas that are holding you back and pair those areas with the best treatment options for you.